Emperor Angel Mermaid Tail Set

Emperor Angel Mermaid Tail Set

From $79.99
Lexinie Mermaid tail
  • Made in USA
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash

LEXINIE MERMAID: Make your mermaid and merman dreams come true with our mermaid tails featuring highly detailed designs and silver foil finishes. Our variety of colors and included monofin let you glide through the water with speed and style.

ORIGINAL LEXINE MONOFIN INCLUDED: Swim faster, just like a real mermail with comfortable foot pockets and premium dive grade neoprene, this water accessory can be used on its own or seamlessly slipped into your mermaid tail.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our machine-washable swim tails are made with durable 4-way stretch swimsuit material, featuring realistic colors and designs that inspiration with real fishes look in the ocean.

SAFETY FIRST: With Lexinie, safety is our #1 priority. Our swim tail's open bottom design eliminates trapped air bubbles, while our Quick-Release Method ensures your monofin stays securely on your feet, but can be quickly removed in or out of water.

DREAMS TO REAL LIFE: LEXINIE's mermaid tails, monofins, and swim accessories make the ultimate gift for big and little swimmers. Give yourself or your loved ones a fun, beautiful.

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